M. John Fayhee

Writer, Editor, Bullshitter, Mountain Gazette Resurrector

"When in Rome, Do as the Romanians"



Mountain Gazette #78

Car Camping in the Combat Zone
Who in his right mind would go camping solo in the Bootheel, home to drug-runners, coyotes (both kinds), killer bees, jaguars and law-enforcement firefights?
Desert Exposure July 2010

Town Shopping
Maintaining karmic balance in the New West’s real estate economy.
High Country News March 20,2006

Clinging Hopelessly to the past
The cantankerous gospel of Jim Stiles and The Canyon Country Zephyr.
High Country News May 29,2006

A Gringo Among the Howlers
Our man from Colorado heads south to sample Central America’s Trails, parks, and often-vocal wildlife.
Backpacker Magazine Feb, l994

Armed and Ready in Central America
Our man makes a long awaited return to Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, and this time, he’s brought paddling gear.
Canoe Magazine March, 1991

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